In Short

The LoTUS system is a novel small, lightweight, expendable, bottom landing, moored, multiyear climate buoy tailored for collection of time series of bottom temperature in remote regions (global coverage). The LoTUS buoys are stand-alone, pop-up data collection systems for deployment from ship, helicopter or even aircraft.

Ocean Temperature

LoTUS is designed to sample water temperature accurately during long time moored at the seabed. Temperature is measured at pre-set intervals during a pre-set sampling period. After the sampling period LoTUS releases its anchor, floats to the surface and transmits data to shore via satellite link.

GPS-drifter beacon

The second life of LoTUS as a drifter beacon measuring and transmitting both buoy GPS-position and surface water temperature to shore in near real time. Due to rugged design the survivability is high and endurance in the range of months. The sampling interval and duration is configurable (and re-configurable via Iridium link).